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Orthodontics for the General Dentist or Pediatric Dentist

New Course

Course Description

This comprehensive course provided by orthodontists on staff at the University of Florida is designed to enhance the practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of facial growth and development, to facilitate the skills needed to identify malocclusions, and to develop a working understanding of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the practitioner will be taught to recognize and treat occlusal and skeletal problems indicating interceptive, limited, and comprehensive orthodontic treatment, as well as recognize more complex and severe occlusal and skeletal problems which should be referred to an orthodontic specialist. Clinical skill involving both fixed orthodontic treatment (braces) and Invisalign techniques will be reviewed. Workshops at which the participants will gain hands-on experience bonding brackets, changing archwires, and constructing indirecting bonding trays will also be provided. Additionally, throughout the lecture series, business management of orthodontic treatment within a pedodontic or general dentist office will be discussed.

Course Objectives

This comprehensive course will help a practitioner who is not an orthodontic specialist to:

  • Gain clinical and didactic knowledge of orthodontics
  • Properly diagnose orthodontic dental malocclusions and skeletal discrepancies
  • Recognize potential complications and the need to refer to a orthodontic specialist when appropriate
  • Develop a competent treatment plan
  • Implement biomechanical methods to treat orthodontic cases.

Course Outline

  1. Fundamentals of Orthodontics
    1. Bracket Placement
    2. Overview or Archwires
    3. Andrews Six Keys to Occlusion
    4. Overview of Biomechanics
    5. Orthodontic Records and Diagnosis
    6. Cephalometrics
  2. Clinical Orthodontics
    1. Treatment Planning and Sequencing
    2. Indications for Interceptive Orthodontics
    3. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Level and Aligning
    4. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Sagittal Mechanics
    5. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Finishing and Retention
    6. Anchorage Control
    7. Class II Treatment
    8. Class III Treatment
  3. Special Techniques and Topics
    1. Indirect Orthodontic Bonding
    2. Invisalign Treatment
    3. Orthodontics as an Adjunct to Restorative Dentistry
    4. Brief Overview of Orthognathic Surgery
    5. TMD and Facial Pain in relation to Orthodontics


  • Bond-up – placing brackets on each other with temporary cement
  • Indirect Bond-up – placing brackets on models


For details, contact Steven Capone, Academic Medica Professional Insurance Exchange Risk Retention Group (AMPEI RRG) at:  Ph: (646) 808-0591(646) 808-0591  Fax: (646) 808-0601 or



UF College of Dentistry
1395 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610

888-550-4590888-550-4590 (toll-free)

University of Florida

Course Limit

  • 36 participants

Continuing Education Units

22.5 contact hours (three 7.5-hr days). Lecture/Participation.

Hands-on Course Hands-On Workshop

Team Discount available Team Discount Available
  • Breakfast and Networking Lunch is included.
  • 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Participant Regular Fee Early Bird Fee
(Expires 1 month before course date)
Dentists $1,449 $1,399
Dates Location Course # AGD #
October 24-26, 2014 (Fri-Sun)

Rescheduled from Oct. 17-19, 2014
Gainesville 150017 370 Register Online
October 30-November 1, 2015 (Fri-Sun) Gainesville 160024 370 Register Online


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