Teaching Today’s Learners for Dental and Dental Hygiene/Assistant Faculty

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Course Description

Course content and related activities are designed to address the inadequacies in the training of the current and prospective oral health care work force. Using the principles of adult learning, courses will provide registrants with new insight, new knowledge, critical thinking skills, and reflective tools that are likely to influence patient provider relationships and outcomes. Course activities prompt participants to engage patients proactively, inquire about patients’ perceptions of their illness, and elicit their participation in the decision-making and treatment by elevating the overall patient care experience.

The program consists of three web-based courses. Course content will be delivered online to afford the convenience of asynchronous learning, uniquely coupled with participation and feedback from faculty to facilitate knowledge transfer. The program is one of only a few national opportunities for dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting faculty to expand their knowledge through online curriculum, instruction and evaluation (CIE) certificate programs.

Successful completion of each course awards 24 contact hours of CEUs. Completion of all three courses awards a certificate of program completion.

Registration for courses opens on July 15, 2013. Participants can enroll in any of the three courses and have 180 days to complete each course once registered.

  • Course 1 – Essential Concepts of Teaching and Learning
  • Course 2 – Approaches to Effective Instruction
  • Course 3 – Assessment Techniques for Teaching and Learning

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Course 1 – Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning

This course will provide participants with the tools necessary to create and modify their courses through a combination of self-awareness and information drawn from the field of curriculum that informs teaching across content areas.

Course objectives include:
  • Documenting entry beliefs about instruction.
  • Writing a personal teaching philosophy.
  • Assessing learning styles and its impact on your teaching.
  • Writing learning objectives for higher order thinking.
  • Identifying ways to assess student learning during instruction.
  • Showing how course objectives, learning activities and assessments are aligned.

Course 2 – Best Practices in Learning and Teaching

This course will assist participants by building self-awareness about their teaching style and helps expand their use of teaching models and critical thinking skills.

Course objectives include:
  • Taking the College Teachers’ Instructional Practices (CTIP) and Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy (TSE).
  • Comparing your CTIP and TSE scores.
  • Describing aspects of teaching efficacy and non-efficacy.
  • Describing one learning activity where ordinary thinking skills are used and how you it can be changed it to promote critical thinking skills.
  • Describing how a lecture can be changed to a critical thinking skills activity.
  • Finding evidence-based resources for course development.

Course 3 – Assessing Outcomes and Teaching

This course will provide faculty with content and hand-on experiences in broadening their repertoire of use of assessment techniques. Activities will give participants the necessary tools related to their own content-related knowledge concerning student assessments.

Course objectives include:
  • Differentiating formative and summative assessment.
  • Critiquing current course assessments.
  • Utilizing one type of new assessment.
  • Developing a rubric to assess instruction.
  • Designing a research proposal to evaluate planned changes in your course.
  • Conducting a peer observation on a faculty colleague.


  • Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor
  • Gail Schneider Childs, R.D.H., M.P.H.

Continuing Education Units

24 per course. Online.


  • $495 per course.
  • If you are a Dental Hygiene/Assistant faculty in Florida, please contact Michelle Hopkins at mhopkins@dental.ufl.edu regarding eligibility for special pricing courtesy of an HRSA grant.
Course 1 – Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning Online $495 Register
Course 2 – Best Practices in Learning and Teaching Online $495 Register
Course 3 – Assessing Outcomes and Teaching Online $495 Register

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