Ergonomics, Sharpening & Instrumentation

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Course Description

This hands-on workshop hones your skills in both manual
instrumentation & sharpening. You will learn alternative
fulcrums, how to use Gracey curettes in non-conventional
areas of the mouth, how to master Hirschfeld
and diamond files, and much, much more. You will be
taught the SECRETS of proper instrument sharpening
and how to practice proper dental ergonomics in the
clinical setting, including seating and positioning of the
patient and operator, lighting and illumination of the
oral cavity, and indirect visioning techniques. In addition,
you will be taught finger and hand strengthening
exercises, and chairside stretching exercises designed to
reduce work-related muscle tension and fatigue.

Course Objectives

This hands-on workshop will directly impact your patients by teaching you to:

  • Utilize alternative, newly designed scalers and curettes, including after-five and mini-curettes
  • Utilize your current instruments in unconventional methods
  • Utilize alternative fulcrums to access hard-to-reach areas and for thorough deposit removal
  • Incorporate Hirschfeld and diamond files
  • Master instrument sharpening
  • Adopt ergonomic techniques and exercises designed to decrease work-related physical fatigue and muscle tension, increase finger and hand strength, enhance time efficiency, and prolong the length of your dental career.


  • Lorie Primosch, R.D.H., M.Ed., M.I.L.SC. Faculty Website
  • Sharon Cooper, R.D.H., Ph.D.


UF College of Dentistry
1395 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610

888-550-4590 (toll-free)

University of Florida

Continuing Education Units

7 contact hours. Participation.

Hands-on Course Hands-On Workshop

Course Limit

12 participants.

Team Discount available Team Discount Available
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Networking Lunch included
Participant Regular Fee Early Bird Fee
(Expires 1 month before course date)
RDH $379 $329
Dates Course # Location
February 22, 2014 (Saturday) 140325  Gainesville Register Online

Continuing Dental Education at UFCD wishes to express its appreciation to HuFreidy & Dentsply for unrestricted educational grants, which helped to make this course possible.