Is it Esthetics or Occlusion?

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Course Description

In order to maximize case longevity and predictable beautiful results, a new approach has been developed by Dr. Becker. This seminar will allow you to combine time proven esthetic principles with Occlusal driven parameters. You will find that the almost magical relationship between smile analysis, functional, and Parafunctional guidelines are the answer to the long standing and frustrating question: “How long do we make the new central incisors?”

Once mastered, you will know precisely how to determine central incisor position, cuspid length and why esthetics are really a sub set of anterior guidance.

You will be amazed at how straightforward the diagnostic work-up becomes after understanding this new use of combining facially generated esthetics with certain specific Occlusal principles. Ultimately the missing piece of this anterior guidance puzzle lies in the obvious need to observe and often correct the lower incisal irregularities.

Perhaps a more important benefit achieved by attending this seminar is the clear understanding you will have regarding why esthetic edges may not have the long lasting results hoped for by doctor and patient. As you master the ability to achieve a smooth cross-over, not only are the esthetic results achieved, but they function smoothly and have the built in tendency to actually hold up over many years of service.

You will be given case histories and all pertinent findings on patients that have both occlusal and esthetic concerns. Together, we will develop a predictable thought process relative to the treatment planning and diagnosis of these rather complex situations.

Considerations of anterior guidance, plane of occlusion, and specific esthetic and smile design factors will all be brought into clear focus. The solution of both form and functional aspects will be corrected and learning points along the way will be specifically utilized for effective patient education.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of the Trial Equilibration.
  • Articulate the benefits of combining both functional and esthetic considerations.
  • Know what clinical and photographic data is essential to complete this kind of everyday case.
  • Manage and coordinate in a very practical manner these kinds of patient situations.
  • Better communicate to the Laboratory Technician the prescription of the needed functional and esthetic requirements of esthetical challenging cases.
  • Significantly improve communicate and motivate patients to their own conditions, problems and what to do about them.


  • Irwin Becker, DDS

Continuing Education Units

7 CEUs. Lecture.

AGD# 180


  • Dentist Fee: $349 (Early Bird) / $399 (Regular Fee)
  • Auxiliary Fee: $199 (Early Bird) / $249 (Regular Fee)
  • Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Networking Lunch included

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Dates Location Course # AGD
July 28, 2017 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 170212 180 Canceled