Implant-Based Planning and Treatment Options for Full-Arch Fixed Restorations

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Course Description

The treatment of complete and single arch edentulism remains a significant priority for dental clinicians. With an aging population and advances in medicine, more patients with complex medical and dental needs, inclusive of edentulism, will seek care. This program will address the physical complexities of edentulism and requirements of a comprehensive pre-treatment analysis that will focus on providing the surgical and restorative options for our patients. During the planning phase, indications and requirements for fixed treatment options will be reviewed based upon; the restorative plan, space requirements, implant selection & positioning, grafting options and restorative materials.

Several trending topics will be covered:

  • Digital Pathway for treatment – Planning, Placement, & Restoration
  • Parallel vs. Tilted implant placement
  • Conventional vs. Immediate loading
  • Framework Design and materials
  • Zirconia vs. Metal alloys vs. Composite resin

The “one-of-a-kind” half-day hands-on exercise will offer paid participants a unique patient simulated experience. Utilizing a hands-on model created from an actual patient, participants will be guided through the digital planning for the placement of four implants followed by the conversion of a denture into an immediate load fixed hybrid prosthesis. Participants will use a CBCT guided template fabricated from SLA printing for the fully guided implant placement (Straumann RC Bone level Tapered implants). They will then be instructed on the proper abutment and material selection for the conversion of the denture into a temporary screw-retained hybrid prosthesis. At the conclusion of the exercise, participants will be able to keep the hands-on model, template, abutments and interim hybrid prosthesis to be used as a patient education tool (valued at over $500).

This 2-day course offers a great opportunity for networking and collaboration between members of the entire treatment team. Sign-up today and join us for valuable information packed with practical pearls that you and your patients can benefit from.

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Goals & Objectives

  • To recognize factors of significance in the assessment of treatment outcomes, with particular reference to the completely edentulous patient.
  • Introduce the S.A.C. patient classification systems and relate it to planning and treatment procedures for edentulous patients receiving dental implants.
  • Become familiar with the varying philosophies in positioning & restoring implants to maximize available bone (native and grafted) based upon a restorative plan.
  • Understand the available planning and treatment options utilizing digital planning and implant placement technologies.
  • Become familiar with implant placement protocol in edentulous arches.
  • Recognize the available restorative materials & components that maximize durability, stability and esthetics.


“Thank you for a terrific course. I will be able to use the concepts and techniques tomorrow.” “Wonderful course and fantastic hands-on experience”
– Dr. N Lehninger

“Excellent topic, wonderful organization. Great sponsor support. Well done. Dr. Martin is very knowledgeable and capable.”
– Dr. A Acker

“Awesome course, feel lucky to have been here to see, hear and learn so much. Thank you.”
– Dr. R. Willis

“It was a great course presented in a very well organized way. This is the only course that I know of that attendees place implants on a model then convert a conventional denture to an interim fixed detachable prosthesis on the model. This is a great course for someone who would like to do more hybrids but is lacking some confidence. The eMax hybrid was something very interesting and I’m looking forward to doing one myself.”
– Dr. D Weldon


  • Will Martin, DMD, MS (Faculty Website)
    • “I declare that neither I nor any member of my family has a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing dental education program greater than $999, nor do I have a financial interest greater than $1,000 in any commercial product(s) I will discuss in the presentation.”
  • Luiz Gonzaga, DDS, MS (Faculty Website)

Continuing Education Units

16 CEUs. Participation.

Hands-on Course  Hands-on

AGD# 690

Course Limit

24 participants


  • Dentist Fee: $1,199 (Early Bird) / $1,499 (Regular Fee)
    • Auxiliaries $249 (Early Bird) / $299 (Regular Fee)
    • Team Discount Available – $25 off
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Breakfast & Networking lunch on Friday and Saturday

Team Discount available Team Discount Available

***NOTE: New cancellation policy effective January 1, 2019

Dates Location Course # AGD
February 15-16, 2019 UF Campus – Gainesville, FL 190075 690

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Continuing Education at UFCD wishes to express its appreciation to Cordent Advancements and Advantage Dental Designs, as well as, Straumann with an unrestricted grant, which helped, in part, to make this course possible.