Management of Ridge Deficiencies
Graft and Graft-less Options

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Course Description

This lecture will focus on modern treatment options for management of deficient alveolar ridges, aimed to maximize tissue quality at the implant interface with the oral cavity and creation of a stronger biologic seal, more resistant to peri-implantitis. Alternative implant options, graft materials, and instrumentation techniques will be discussed, including Osseodensification. Unlike traditional bone drilling technologies, Osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, it preserves bone bulk so bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted in an outwardly expanding direction to form an osteotomy with compacted dense layer of bone tissue along its walls. Scientific literature has suggested that dense compacted bone tissue produces stronger purchase for dental implants, higher initial implant stability, higher insertion torque values, and may facilitate faster healing.

Furthermore, Osseodensification can also be used for alveolar ridge expansion and crestal sinus floor elevation. This CE course combines didactic lecture and hands-on workshop to cover a broad range of applications of Osseodensification in Implant Dentistry.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course clinicians should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of implant design and selection for deficient ridges
  • Learn the rationale and science behind Osseodensification
  • Identify indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Practice Osseodensification, ridge expansion, and crestal sinus floor elevation


  • Wagner Duarte, DDS, PhD
  • Tsuyoshi Tanaka, DDS, MSD

Continuing Education Units

8 Contact Hours (Participation)
AGD# 311


University of Florida
1395 Center Dr
Gainesville, FL 32610


  • Dentist Fee: $599 (Early Bird) / $749 (Regular Fee)
  • 8AM – 5PM
  • Networking Lunch included
  • Continuing Dental Education at UFCD wishes to express its appreciation to the following corporate sponsors who helped to make this course possible: Ultradent.

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Dates Location Course # AGD
November 6, 2021 Gainesville, FL 220329 311


Cancellation policy effective January 1, 2019