Periodontal Treatment Alternatives for Achy, Breaky Teeth
Management Considerations for Furcations and Aging Dentitions

Course Description

This two-part course will address two important aspects of helping patients keep their teeth for their life-time: furcation defects and physiologic changes in the aging dentition.

Part 1: Fate Follows the Furcation

Description: The increasing use of dental implants has decreased the attempts to salvage teeth with furcation defects. Dr. Oxford will discuss the role that periodontal disease into the furcations of multi-rooted teeth plays in the demise and life expectancy of these teeth. He will describe the furcation anatomy, the classification systems used to evaluate these areas, the diagnostic valve of furcations as well as the treat options available to manage these areas.

Part 2: Oral Health Care and Treatment Strategies for Older Adults

Description: Americans are living longer, with more teeth and having more oral complications than ever. Dr. Oxford will discuss the physiologic changes in the aging dentition and common oral and dental diseases in this older population. He will then discuss the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic diseases and discuss the future management strategies of oral disease in the elder.

Goals/Objectives: After this presentation the attendee will:

  • recognize furcation defects
  • be able to classify the furcation defects
  • understand the prognostic valve of furcation defects
  • appreciate the non-surgical, surgical and laser therapies available to treat these areas
  • recognize physiologic changes in the dentition of the elderly patient
  • be able to discuss oral and dental diseases in this population
  • appreciate the relationship between periodontal & systemic diseases
  • suggest management strategies of oral disease in the elder


Gregory E. Oxford, DDS, MS, PhD

Time & Location:

February 24, 2018
Saturday: 8am-4pm
University of Florida College of Dentistry
Gainesville, FL

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Oxford earned his dental degree from Emory University in Atlanta, completed his surgical residency in Maryland and a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Florida College of Medicine. A previous Director of Graduate Periodontology Program at University of Florida and a clinical investigator at UF’s Periodontal Disease Research Center (PDRC) he now maintains a private practice limited to periodontics, implant and surgical dentistry in St. Augustine with his wife, Dr. Isabell Oxford.


7 lecture hours.
AGD # 490


  • Dentist Fee: $349 (Early Bird) / $399 (Regular Fee)
  • Auxiliary Fee: $249 (Early Bird) / $299 (Regular Fee)
  • Saturday: 8am-4pm
  • Networking lunch included

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Dates Location Course # AGD
February 24, 2018 UF Campus – Gainesville, FL 180306 490