Preparedness in Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

Course Description

Are you sometimes challenged by the medically compromised patients who present for treatment in your office? Are you frequently overwhelmed by the vast amount of medical knowledge you feel you must keep up with? Are you sometimes confused by which medical problems are important and which are not? Well, if so, you are not alone. In this course we attempt to break down the taking of medical history to a practical and simple process applicable to the day to day needs of the general dentist. We discuss a methodology for analyzing the patient’s medical status and mentally processing the information you gather on time, giving you information relevant to the dentistry you are planning. Since the patient’s medical status is an indicator of possible medical emergencies, we make the natural transition from discussing the medical issue to the types of emergencies that patients with that condition are likely to have.

This presentation will be useful for dentists and staff, and the slide presentation can be used as a quick reference for office use.

Course Objectives

In this course you will:

  1. Define medical risk assessment and learn its relevance to the dental patient.
  2. Understand the stress reaction and how it affects dental patients.
  3. Learn how to identify red flags in the health history and determine whether it is safe to perform the planned procedure.
  4. Discuss cardiology for dentists as a model for medical risk assessment.
  5. Discuss a variety of medical problems and learn their relevance to dentistry.
  6. Identify a number of medical emergencies which occur in the dental office and learn how to treat them.
  7. Review the drugs and equipment you should have in the dental office.


Danielle L. Freburg-Hoffmeister, DDS, MS

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Continuing Education Units

4 Contact Hours (Lecture)
AGD# 250


University of Florida
1395 Center Dr
Gainesville, FL 32610

Course Limit

30 Participants


  • Dentist Fee: $149
  • Auxiliary Fee: $99
  • Friday: 1PM – 5PM


  • Date: February 4, 2022
  • Location: Gainesville, FL
  • Course#: 220455
  • AGD: 310

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