What is That Thing? Differential Diagnosis of Oral Disorders
An ACDE Series Webinar

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Course Description

Put on your thinking caps on as your diagnostic abilities are about to be tested. Real world cases will frame a discussion on the differential diagnosis process. In this presentation, the “mysteries” of pathology will become clear, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your patient regarding their oral diseases. You will learn key points to help make your life easier and practical information that can be immediately applied. A myriad of topics and cutting edge information will be discussed, and include: What is that thing and how do I treat it? What caused this and how do I prevent it? And if it hurts, what will make it feel better?

  • Cases Highlighting the Differential Diagnosis Process
  • Review of Cases & Their Management
    • White lesions
    • Pigmented lesions
    • Lumps & bumps
    • Ulcers & blisters
    • Bony lesions

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differential diagnosis process
  • Develop differential diagnoses of oral conditions
  • Evaluate oral lumps and bumps of the oral and head & neck region
  • Understand the etiology of exophytic oral lesions
  • Differentiate harmless versus dangerous pigmented lesions
  • Distinguish between ulcers of viral, developmental, autoimmune, versus cancerous origin
  • Generate an appropriate plan for radiographic pathology follow-up and/or intervention
  • Choose whether a condition needs monitored, biopsied, or referred


Photo K. TilashalskiKen Tilashalski, D.M.D.

  • Ken Tilashalski (“Dr. T”) is quite unique in that he has earned specialty certificates in both oral & maxillofacial pathology and endodontics. He is Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, and also holds an appointment at the School of Medicine. After receiving his D.M.D. from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Tilashalski completed both of his residencies along with an American Cancer Society fellowship at the University of Alabama. Dr. T is passionate about educating dental health care professionals. He lectures extensively nationally and internationally in the areas of oral pathology, oral medicine, and endodontics.


Webinar: 8PM – 10PM EST

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2 contact hours. Lecture

  • June 24, 2021
  • 8PM – 10PM EST
  • $69 – ZOOM Webinar
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June 24, 2021 ZOOM Webinar 210669.07 2

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