ACDE Webinar Series

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The Association of Continuing Dental Education (ACDE) brings together individuals who represent college- and university-based continuing dental education programs associated with accredited dental schools in Canada and the United States.

ACDE and 31 of its member schools are jointly providing a series of live webinars featuring university-based key opinion leaders. These jointly produced webinars are planned to be held through 2022. Watch this website for course listings.

For a list of participating schools click here.

Each lecture is hosted by a different school, but CE Verifications of Participation will be provided by the school with which you registered. 



Date Instructor Topic
March 16, 2021    8pm EST Van Haywood, DMD “Novel Tray Options for Bleaching, Sensitivity, Caries Control, and Splints in a Pandemic”  ~ 1 hour
March 19, 2021   11am EST Jeffrey Okeson, DMD “New Perspectives on TMD: A Diagnostic Challenge” ~ 2 hours
March 24, 2021    8pm EST Mai-Ly Duong, DMD, MPH “Practical Approached to Special Care Dentistry” ~ 1 hour
April 10, 2021    11am EST Richard Donatelli, DMD, MS “Multi-discipline Orthodontics” ~ 1 hour
April 16, 2021    11am EST Don Tyndall, DDS, MSPH, PhD, FICD “Radiographic Interpretation: Benign or Malignant and How to Tell the Difference” ~ 1.5 hours
April 21, 2021    8pm EST Gregory Schuster, DDS & Robert Yasso, DMD “9300nm CO2 Laser Experiences in the Dental Setting” ~ 1.5 hours
May 11, 2021     8pm EST Shankar Iyer, DDS “Restorative Options for Missing Anterior Tooth ~ 2 hours
May 20, 2021     8pm EST Joan Davis, PhD “Cannabis and Oral Health” ~ 1 hour
May 23, 2021    11am EST Samuel Low, DDS, MS, MEd “4 Key Strategies in Managing a Periodontal Patient in a Changing Practice Environment” ~ 2 hours
June 4, 2021     11am EST Marvin Leventer, DDS “Essentials of Sedation in Dentistry” ~ 2 hours
June 8, 2021     8pm EST Jacqueline Burgette, DMD, PhD “A Practical Guide to Incorporating Silver Diamine Fluoride in your Practice for Primary Teeth” ~ 2 hours
June 16, 2021   8pm EST Joseph Best, DDS, PhD “Managing the Most Common Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office” ~ 2 hours
June 24, 2021   8pm EST Ken Tilashalski, DMD “What is That Thing? Differential Diagnosis of Oral Disorders” ~ 2 hours

This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the

ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) through joint efforts between the schools listed here.