Avoiding Embezzlement: How to Protect your Office & your Assets: A Webinar


Course Description

Embezzlement in dental practices is occurring at an epidemic rate. Current studies estimate that 60%-80% of dental practices have been or will be embezzled from. This 3-hour webinar will examine the dozens of different ways in which dentists are being embezzled from and defrauded, along with the significant impact it has on dentists, their practices and wealth accumulation goals. Areas of vulnerability will be illuminated with proactive strategies provided and implementable immediately to reduce the risk of occurrence.

Course Objectives

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Minimize the risks of embezzlement in the dental practice
  • Understand the impact of embezzlement on dentists and their wealth accumulation goals
  • Implement protocols that can reduce the likelihood of embezzlement
  • Become knowledgeable on the profile of a typical embezzler
  • Improve Human Resource process by hiring carefully, conducting background checks, terminating, documenting appropriately and prosecuting the embezzler
  • Use dental software, record keeping, and know the role/cost of forensic accounting and Certified Dental Examiners to assist with the investigation process and expectations for recouping financial losses
  • Institute strategies for surviving and thriving after an embezzlement, fraud situation, and make systemic changes to the practice


Faculty photo - Dr. Annelise Driscoll

Annelise Y. Driscoll, MBA, PhD

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Continuing Education Units

3 Contact Hours. Lecture.
AGD # 730

Pre-Registration Required

  • Dentist Fee: $117
  • This course is for dentists only
  • 6pm – 9:30pm
  • ZOOM Webinar
Dates Location Course # AGD
December 1, 2020 ZOOM Webinar – 3 hours 210203 730