Executive Practice Management™: Requirements & Policies

Executive Practice Management™ Program for Dentists



Students must be practicing, actively-licensed dentists, newly graduated dentists, or graduating dentists in dental school, to be accepted to the Executive Practice Management™ Program.


This course is 189 credit hours towards the practice management biennium requirements, and includes 14 contact hours of lecture for each of the 13 Modules. 189 CEUs, participation.


The College of Dentistry reserves the right to accept only qualified applicants for this postdoctoral program. Each prospective candidate must submit a formal application. If a candidate is absent from one or more subcourses in a major course he/she may take the subcourse the next time it is offered without penalty and at the current fee at time of attendance. The University of Florida and the Academy of General Dentistry require that credit be awarded only for those hours in attendance or for assignments completed. If a candidate has completed only a part of a major course he/she will have a period of three years to complete the component subject area. After that time the entire major course must be retaken and full fees paid. All course work is presented in English only.


Handouts, and power points will be provided at each correlated weekend; beginning with the first weekend of face to face class.

Materials supplied by each enrolled dentist

  1. Portable Laptop Computer (Less than one year old – Hardware requirements for laptop provided to enrolled dentists) – with the following software loaded. (Recommended versions meet current specs to interface with Eaglesoft software which will be demonstrated in the course.)

2. Windows 8 Professional or newer version (to be determined in Sept. 2016)

3. Microsoft Office 365 -Full Version with MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint or newer version (to be determined in Sept. 2016)

4. Quickbooks Premier 2016 or newer version (to be determined in Sept. 2016). Software (Enhanced Payroll Add-On Is Optional)

5. Calculator (Can use cell phone if it contains a sufficient calculator)

6. Textbooks will be required purchases by enrolled students at various intervals within the 13 month program. A list will be provided by September 1, 2016 to each enrolled student.

7. Myers-Briggs Personality Testing Fee

Materials supplied by the University of Florida:

1. Binders: Two 4-inch D-ring

2. 15 Tabbed Binder Dividers

3. Yellow Highlighter, Black Sharpie, Pens, and Pencil

4. Handouts made available on the website, and power points will be provided at each correlated weekend; beginning with the first weekend of face-to-face classes.

*FREE access to Lynda.com tutorials. These tutorials should be completed prior to beginning the course, or one month prior to each corresponding module.


Each enrolled cohort member must have sufficient reliable internet service/speed at home for use of the UF Webcourse, the ‘eCommunity’ Google Blogs, Skype or FaceTime, and email access. Additional material may consist of text readings, case studies, and worksheets that supplement and enhance the topics of each weekend module. These will be located as a MS Word document inside the UF Webcourse, or will be emailed to the cohort group in advance by the Instructor.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds: Full refunds will be mailed to registrants who cancel their registration no later than three months before the course starting date. Cancellations by telephone are acceptable; however, a written request must be received by our office before a refund may be processed. Refunds, less non-refundable deposit, will be processed for registrants who cancel less than three months before the course starting date. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations on or after the course starting date.

There is no refund for individual session fees. Instead, the session fee will be transferred to the next month. If a participant must be absent for a particular month’s session, he/she can make that session up with the next year’s class at the prevailing rate for the next class’s per session fee. It is the responsibility of the participant to notify the course Instructor and registrar if a potential conflict or emergency arises that may impact the attendance requirements for this course.

Continuing Dental Education reserves the right to modify or cancel a course when circumstances warrant. Dates, course content, fees, or faculty will be changed only when unavoidable.


Late Work Policy:

All work is expected to be turned in on time in the appropriate area of this course. Barring a documented medical emergency, late work will be penalized. This is a dynamic environment and the schedule may change during the semester. Check your email and the course home page for announcements indicating change, at least once per day. Deliverables will be due no later than one month from their assignment.



Lynda.com tutorials are provided to each enrolled cohort member, at no additional charge, to complete in advance of the course start date. Instructions for accessing the Lynda.com tutorials through the UF Webcourse will be provided to each enrolled dentist upon completion of full registration and payment. Dentists who complete the tutorials on MS Office, QuickBooks , and other software to be used, ultimately reduce their homework time dramatically due to the familiarity of the software through Lynda.com. These tutorials should be completed prior to beginning the course, or one month prior to each corresponding module.


Email will be the primary source of communication in this online course between monthly meetings. The average response time for email is 24 hours during the work week and 48 hours on weekends. Students will be expected to have daily access to the Internet and email, since your instructor will be emailing students about assignment updates, additions and changes. All email will be conducted through the UF webcourse, for ease of tracking. In addition, students will need to register for a Gmail email address through Google’s email provider: Gmail. This Gmail address will be required for the course’s blog eCommunity. Instructions for obtaining this type of email account will be provided within the UF Webcourse.

Google Blogs:

This course will use Google Blogs as an eCommunity platform for networking and discussions. Use of a Gmail account is needed to access the course’s blog forum. Instructions for account set up are provided within the UF Webcourse.

Internet Access:

Reliable computer and Internet access is critical for the successful completion of this course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure computers and Internet access are reliable. In the event of a technical issue, contact the UF Help Desk for online support.


This course includes a supplemental online web course and e-Community; thus, students are encouraged to log on to the Webcourse at least once daily. The Instructor will provide information that is disseminated via the Webcourse between meeting dates. In the event of a campus-wide emergency or campus-wide computer failure, you may contact the Instructor at 407-252-0471.

Course Policies on Student Expectation


Attendance and engagement in both the face-to-face monthly meetings and the online coursework is expected. All modules within this program tie-in to each other, therefore this program cannot be taken in an ‘a la carte’ fashion. Please notify the course Instructor and registrar if a potential conflict or emergency arises that may impact the attendance requirements for this course. Any absences will need to be made up at the next course offering and at the prevailing rate. Full certificates of completion nor CEU’s will be provided nor reported until full attendance and course completion is achieved.

Administrators may attend specified modules, with their dentist employer, for the fee of $549.00 paid one month prior to specified module (See Modules 4, 7, 8, 10 and 11.)

Class Meeting Days: One weekend each month (Saturday and Sunday) per schedule, 8:30 am -5 pm.  The first weekend also meets on Friday for orientation, computer set-up, and networking. The last weekend (commencement) will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Disability Access:

The University of Florida is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. This syllabus is available in alternate formats upon request. Students with disabilities who need accommodations in this course should contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss needed accommodations.

Academic Conduct Policy:

Academic honesty is an expected requirement of all students at the University of Florida.

Learning Methodology:

This is a course that is structured to foster learning from your peers as well as from your instructor. The face-to-face meetings will incorporate both lecture and interactive, hands-on learning activities. The learning process continues in-between monthly meetings through the participation inside the UF Webcourse, and discussions held within the course Google Blogs. Because the online environment is a somewhat self-directed learning environment, it is important that we are all attentive to supporting the learning eCommunity. As members of the e-learning community, students are encouraged to help everyone grow by contributing materials and comments. You each have much to offer, by your questions, your contributions and your presence.

While you aren’t graded on your community-building efforts, experience shows that the learning process is significantly enhanced by this activity. Online discussions are not graded, however, they are an important and integral form of “attendance”. Your successful completion of this 13-month program includes your participation (or lack thereof) in online discussions.

All due dates will also be posted inside the web course under the calendar.

It is highly recommended that students check the calendar daily and set alarms or reminders for each due date and time. Smart phones or online calendars are great resources for setting such reminders/alarms.

Student Academic Regulations

Withdrawal From and Reentry Into Executive Practice Management™ Program for Dentists

Registered postdoctoral students may request a break in the program and be reinstated within three years without loss of accumulated credit, provided that all fees are paid and the student is reregistered with the Executive Practice Management™ Program for Dentists. Fees per weekend session will be assessed at the current rate at time of re-entry.


Postdoctural students completing the prescribed course of study, upon recommendation of the program director, will be granted a Certificate of Completion in the Executive Practice Management™ Program for Dentists by the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

Dental educational institutions have an obligation to disseminate new knowledge related to dental practice. In so doing, some presentations may include controversial materials or commercial references. Sponsorship of a dental continuing education course by the University of Florida does not necessarily imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, procedure or product by this institution. Continuing education courses do not necessarily reflect the philosophies of the University of Florida predoctoral or post-doctoral training programs.