What Our Cohort Members Are Saying

Understanding the Communication Model is critical.

Realizing that the message we are trying to convey may not be the same message that is received. Being mindful of “noise” and distractions during the communication process can aid in message delivery. Also, speaking louder does not improve message acceptance or delivery.

Dr. Campbell, FL

NBDE part 1: I passed!!!!!!

You make a great and wonderful change in people ’s life. I never thought I would be able to do all the things I am doing, here and in Brazil. I just got my result from the NBDE part 1 and yes, I passed, in my first try, wich makes me feel even prouder of myself.

It has been a challenging but I decided that anything is possible if you put the right amount of effort on it. You have taught me that. So here I am. Living this double international life for almost 3 years.

I wanted to share my results with you!!!!!!!!! You are a huge part of this. You make me confident and show me that dreams can really come true.

Dr. Coelho, Brazil

This is again why this course is extremely valuable!

This module was full of financial decision-making gems, break-even point, monthly operating expenses, and SWOT analysis. I plan on doing this for all three of my practices as by doing this exercise I can spot my weaknesses and strengths, refresh my marketing plan, and research what my competitors are doing.

Dr. Al Tarhuni, Canada

This Module was very informative.

I was able to realize that my provided services had strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, by recognizing these flaws, there would be a greater possibility of increase in revenue by adding more services. Also, the importance of having a business plan is that it gives you direction to succeed. Having this guide let’s you know if you are on track or if you need to make changes to be able to accomplish your goals.

Dr. Bush, FL

It’s not just about spending marketing dollars.

The most important thing this weekend did was that it forced me to look at the demographics in my communities and to choose a target market, instead of just randomly advertising or not at all.

Dr. Gumucio, FL

I have learned a lot from this past module

The lecture on embezzlement was such an eye opener and it makes us more aware of our financial situation. It taught us to not just trust but also verify!
P. Vu

This information is very useful

I have recently converted to digital charting. This information is very useful for me and my staff in creating templates and policies for clinical charting, insurance protocols, and developing our procedural manual.
U. Le

Better understanding financial and income statements

This was a great module in that it gave me an intro to better understanding financial and income statements as I go about looking into a practice to consider buying.
S. Carson

Everything is marketing

The most important thing from module 8 for me was that everything is marketing. Everything. From the way you conduct yourself to even the physical environment of your office.
J. Gunnell

This past module taught me a lot about finance!

This past module taught me a lot about finance! I never really knew much about this side of the business. Just learning definitions alone has really helped me get more of a grip on this kind of stuff.
N. Kavouklis