Football Championship CE Series

Coming to Gainesville to cheer on the Gators this fall?
Not into football, but searching for the best CE?

We’ve got the perfect CE Series for you!

Each of these world-class courses is scheduled on a home-game Friday. So, whether you’re supporting our Gators or pursuing a lifelong learning career, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Gainesville, FL

AM – Site Preparation Techniques Simultaneous/prior to Dental Implant Placement

PM – Management Strategies of Peri-implant diseases

Dr. Tsuyoshi Tanaka (RB)
September 2, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. Utah Utes

Gainesville, FL

AM – Interceptive Orthodontics

PM – Interdisciplinary Orthodontics

Dr. Cal Dolce (LT) & Dr. Divakar Karanth (RT)
September 9, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Gainesville, FL

AM – The Complex World of Oral Precancer and Cancer

PM – Potpourri of Oral Pathology: Ulcers, Injuries and Tumor-like lesions

Dr. Neel Bhattacharyya (WR)
September 16, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. USF Bulls

Gainesville, FL

AM – Preparedness for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practices

PM – Overview of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Danielle Freburg-Hoffmeister (CB)
October 1, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. Eastern Washington Eagles

Gainesville, FL

AM – Revelation of the Panoramic Ghosts

PM – Radiographic Navigation in the Diagnosis of Lesions within the Jaws

Dr. Anita Gohel (TE)
October 8, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. Missouri Tigers

Gainesville, FL

AM – Advances & New Concepts on Treating Traumatic Injuries

PM – New Concepts of Chemo-mechanical Instrumentation on Traumatized Teeth

Dr. Roberta Pileggi (QB)
October 14, 2022
Friday: 9AM – 12PM & 1PM – 4PM
vs. LSU Tigers

Gainesville, FL

Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: How is this Transforming your Dental Practice

Dr. Mateus Rocha (K)
November 12, 2022
Friday: 8AM – 10AM
vs. South Carolina Gamecocks