Managing Simple Periodontal Surgery Complications


In this course, you will learn about what happens after periodontal surgery. Evaluating therapy outcomes is an important part of any surgical procedure. Whether you are performing the surgery yourself or referring your patient to a periodontist, you will want to be able to evaluate if the surgery was successful or if there were complications from surgery. Complications after extraction with site preservation, membrane exposure after grafting, and premature suture loss are just a few topics to be discussed.


  • Predict post-op complications
  • Predict surgical outcomes/expectations from periodontal surgery
  • Identify and develop a treatment plan for complications of site preservation, crown lengthening, membrane exposure, and premature suture loosening
  •  Review current, evidence based, post-op recommendations for pain and infection control
Karin C Schey



Karin C Schey D.M.D., M.S.


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Managing Simple Periodontal Surgery Complications

FRIDAY, February 10, 2023

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