Management of Gummy Smile: Esthetic Crown Lengthening and Lip Repositioning
An ACDE Series Webinar

Course Description:

Is your patient complaining of gummy smile? Do they have short clinical crowns and worn-down dentition? What is the best approach to manage such esthetic dilemmas?
This is a 2-hour presentation that focuses on how periodontal soft tissue management aid the restorative dentist and orthodontist to obtain a pleasant natural smile with healthy gingival tissues. Excessive gingival display classification etiologic factors, and treatment solutions will be discussed using evidence-based therapies. Various procedures will be covered including esthetic crown lengthening, gingivectomy and surgical lip repositioning using practical clinical examples. Treatment options will be discussed with emphasis on restorative-orthodontic-periodontal perspectives to achieve predictable esthetic outcome.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Identify etiologic factors for excessive gingival display.
• List treatment options for short clinical crowns and altered passive eruption.
• Coordinate esthetic crown lengthening and healing time with restorative and orthodontic treatments for predictable esthetic outcomes.
• Evaluate hypermobile upper lip and list treatments for gummy smile.
• Be familiar with esthetic crown lengthening and surgical lip repositioning procedure (step by step).

Meet the Speaker: Dr. Bassam M. Kinaia

Dr. Kinaia is the Associate Director of the Post Graduate Periodontology Program at the University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan. He is also the former the Director of the Graduate Periodontology Program at the University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan as well as the Boston University Institute for Dental Research and Education (BUIDRE) at Boston university in Dubai.

Dr. Kinaia is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI). Dr. Kinaia has a certificate of Excellence from the American Academy of Periodontology in recognition of his teaching and research fellowship. He obtained his DDS degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in Detroit, Michigan and later completed his Master of Science (MS) and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Periodontology at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and St. John Hospital Health System in Michigan.
Dr. Kinaia is a member of numerous professional societies and has numerous journal publications, chapter books and research in the fields of Periodontology and Dental Implants. He is a clinician with over 23 years of private practice experience and is an academician where he lectures nationally and internationally. He maintains a position in Private Practice in Sterling Heights, MI (

Registration Information

  • Zoom Webinar
  • Lecture
  • 2 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $69

Hosting University

  • University of Florida Continuing Dental Education
  • CE contact name & email: Angela Debono,
  • Speaker name & contact info: Dr. Bassam M. Kinaia

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