Periodontal Maintenance on the Implant Patient
An ACDE Series Webinar

Course Description:

Course Description: With the increased number of clinicians placing dental implants, there has been an increase in implant related complications. Within these complications, peri-implantitis is the most prevalent. The course will go over basic implant anatomy, diagnosis of peri-implant disease, risk factors, surgical and non-surgical treatment options and make special emphasis in peri-implant maintenance and long-term stability of peri-implant tissues.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify healthy and diseased dental implants
  2. Identify and modify peri-implant risk factors
  3. Understand the surgical and non-surgical treatment of peri-implant diseases4. Understand the importance of prevention and supportive maintenance therapy

Meet the Speaker: Carlos Parra

Dr. Carlos Parra was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He graduated from dental school (2009) at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Barcelona, Spain. After his graduation, he got enrolled in a Clinical Residency in Periodontology at UIC (2009-10). He also served as pre-doctoral clinical instructor (2011 – 12) at UIC. During that period, he was also involved in researches relating oropharyngeal dysphagia and oral hygiene. Dr. Parra practiced dentistry in Barcelona, Spain, for 3 years (2009-12) prior to coming to Boston, USA. In 2012, he continued his studies for a Certificate in Periodontics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts (2012-15). In November of 2015 he became a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontics at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Dallas, Texas. In September 2016, during the 102 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), he received the Leslie M. Salkin Award for the highest-scoring candidate on the 2016 American Board of Periodontology (ABP) Oral Examination. He is also a receiver of the American Academy Foundation Fellowship to the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) in Health Professions, and the Bud & Linda Tarrson Fellowship Award. On September 2021, Dr. Parra was appointed Graduate Program Director of the Department of Periodontology, at Texas A&M University. Dr. Parra has lectured nationally and internationally on periodontics. His main areas of interest are soft tissue enhancement and dental implants.

Registration Information

  • Zoom Webinar
  • Lecture
  • 2 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $69

Hosting University

  • University of Florida Continuing Dental Education
  • CE contact name & email: Angela Debono,
  • Speaker name & contact info: Dr. Carlos Parra

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