Local Anesthesia for Today’s Dental Hygienist: Certification Course

Course Description

Today’s dental hygienist must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the hygiene profession including providing local anesthesia administration to provide comfort to the dental patient. Presented by the *ADA CERP recognized University of  Florida Office of Continuing Dental Education and utilizing University of Florida faculty, this course provides the participant with the mechanics to create a positive patient environment with competent pain and anxiety management.

All aspects of local anesthesia are explored from pharmacology to anatomy and managing all dental patients requiring local anesthesia. Special emphasis is placed on administering anesthesia to a periodontal patient. Practice management aspects are provided with “pearls” to utilize quality local anesthesia administration by the dental hygienist as a practice builder involving today’s demanding patient.

As with any hands-on training course, the participant should realize that competency, and ultimately proficiency, in the administration of local anesthesia requires repeated administration and periodic self-reeducation.

*ADA CERP Recognized Provider

Only providers that can meet ADA CERP standards and procedures are granted approval and are authorized to use the ADA CERP logo and recognition statement. Once approved, providers are held accountable for maintaining those same high standards through periodic reevaluation.

Course Goals

The goals of this class are to assist the dental hygienist to become:

  • Knowledgeable in the use and administration of local anesthetics in all aspects of dentistry including periodontal patients
  • Knowledgeable in the pharmacology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry and anatomy related to the administration of local anesthetics in a practical common sense approach
  • Knowledgeable and competent in the physical and psychological evaluation of the patient prior to receiving local anesthetic or dental treatment
  • Knowledgeable in the side effects, complications and the management of those problems associated with local anesthetics to maintain safety as a priority

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, the participant will be trained in:

  • Scope of pain and anxiety control
  • Neurophysiology
  • Pharmacology of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors
  • Armamentarium
  • Physical and psychological evaluation
  • Anatomic considerations, clinical application and supplemental injection techniques
  • Local and systemic complications

Prerequisites – Due the Monday prior to the course.

  • Read and study textbook (listed under Required Materials) and Course Curriculum Guide
  • Complete all online course assignments

Since you will be serving as both an operator and a patient, we need the following paperwork submitted in compliance with UFCD policies. These forms are best submitted via the course website (which you will gain access to once you’ve registered), but email and faxing options are available.

Required Materials

  • Course Curriculum Guide – UFCDE-Local_Anesthesia_Course Curriculum Guide
  • Purchase BOTH the Textbook and Technique DVD (if possible, the DVD is not essential)
  • Local Anesthesia For Dental Professionals (2nd Edition) by Bassett, Di Marco and Naughton
  • Techniques for Successful Local Anesthesia DVD 1st Edition by Royann Royer and Carlene Paarmann
  • Suggested vendors for purchasing textbook & DVD


Local Anesthesia






Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals 

UF CDE is proud to share testimonials

“The ability to administer local anesthetic has been a great asset to our practice. The Drs, hygienists and patients are happy about the convenience. All the patients I have seen are comfortable and confident in my ability to administer anesthetic and are impressed that the certification came through UF. Thanks for a great experience.
Heather Perry, RDH

I feel confident in the training I received from this course and continue using the techniques daily. I mostly infiltrate in the majority of areas; I do use IANB often though. One technique that is very helpful, that a periodontist instructor at this course taught, was to infiltrate just one papilla in the area of the pocket. I find this very useful for the patient who has one 5 to 6 mm pocket, especially on the lower anteriors…I have since received a raise in pay and acquired another part time position over a seasoned hygienist because of obtaining the anesthesia certification.
Mary Laura Sarka- Sherman, RDH

“I am working in two different dental offices and I have the opportunity of utilizing my added skill! Thanks again for a great local anesthesia course, I know I trained in the best dental school in Florida.”
Laila Bonner, RDH


  • Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, MEd, Director – Course Director, Department of Periodontics (Faculty Website)
    • Perio Science
    • Phillips
    • Biolase
    • Florida Probe
    • Hu-Friedy

Locations (See date listing below for location for each session)

UF College of Dentistry
1395 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610

Continuing Education Units

60 contact hours. Participation.

  • 30 hr. didactic (5 hr. live and 25 hr. web-based and self-instruction)
  • 30 hr. clinical (15 hr. live and 15 hr. observational)

Program Format – due to the nature of the program registrations will close two weeks prior to the course.

*Must attend the live weekend session, pass the written examination and finish all web-based, self-instruction and observational criteria to complete the program.

Live Weekend: Hands-on Participation Schedule

  • Friday: 5 hr. didactic                      1-6PM
  • Saturday: 7.5 hours clinical           8AM – 5PM                           Networking Lunch
  • Sunday: 7.5 hours clinical             8AM – 5PM                           Networking Lunch

Thank You

Continuing Dental Education at UFCD expresses appreciation to Florida Probe and PerioSciences for unrestricted educational grants, which helped make this course possible.

For more information contact:

Continuing Dental Education
888-550-4590 (toll-free)

Networking Lunch included. Textbook NOT included.

Team Discount Available
Participant Program Fee
  •  $1,299 – Early Bird Fee (expires one month before course)
  •  $1,449 – Regular Fee
  • Once registered, you will receive a email with a link to the online content portion of your course.
  • Due to the extensive nature of the content, participants must complete all prerequisites, as well as the online and self-instruction material before attending the Live Hands-on Participation Weekend.

Hands-on Course


Live Session Dates Location Course #
August 20-22, 2021 210199.04

Please contact the office to be added to the waitlist

October 1-3, 2021 Gainesville, FL 210199.01
January 7-9, 2022 Gainesville, FL 210199.02
June 3-5, 2022 Gainesville, FL 210199.03

Cancellation policy effective January 1, 2019

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