22nd Annual Oral Pathology and Radiology Symposium

Orlando, FL

Course Description

This seminar will present a potpourri of interesting case studies in oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology covering a variety of conditions encountered in general and specialty dental practices. The presenters will utilize an interactive audience participation platform (such as Poll Everywhere) which will enable participants to anonymously respond and interact with the presenters throughout the presentations. In addition, the lecture will be customized by the audience responses and questions to better facilitate learning.

Emphasis will be placed on lesions and conditions commonly seen in dental practice, especially those difficult to diagnose and/or manage, newly diagnosed conditions, and premalignant or malignant lesions. The topics will cover a wide range of topics spanning human papilloma virus including oro-pharyngeal HPV driven cancers to various benign lesions of the oral mucosa. Various types of malignancies, clinical features of early cancers, newer challenging entities including proliferative verrucous carcinoma and other high-risk lesions will be emphasized. Non-squamous malignancies such as lymphomas and plasma cell neoplasms (a group of increasingly common lesions), salivary gland tumors, sarcomas etc will also be presented in a case series format. Soft tissue and bone pathology including both commonly encountered radiographic lesions to rarer or life-threatening conditions, will be presented. We will highlight the incredibly diverse nature of oral ulcerations and discuss the etiology, diagnosis and treatment for these lesions. Important challenging oral conditions especially osteochemonecrosis related to newer anti-resorptive/anti-angiogenic medications will be discussed. The impact of these and other drugs on implant success will also be discussed as will the new increase in cases of foreign cosmetic materials implanted in oral tissues.

The presentation will include 2-D and 3-D illustrated case presentations, discussions, and interactive radiographic interpretations. The diverse nature of radiopaque and radiolucent lesions, normal structures and unusual presentations of common radiographic pathology will be extensively discussed.  Attendees will be presented with pointers to aid in clear identification of incidental findings on radiographs. The differences between benign, malignant and aggressive radiographic lesions will be discussed in detail. Consideration will be given to the best and latest imaging modalities for differentiating lesions using radiography.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Recognize and formulate a differential diagnosis and understand the etiology and management of various oral lesions and diseases
  • Recognize and understand the association of HPV with numerous oral soft tissue lesions and the enormous implications of HPV driven cancers and lesions to our dental practice
  • Understand the chemistry, pathogenesis, signs and symptoms of osteochemonecrosis related to bisphosphonate and other newer drugs
  • Recognize the clinical features of early squamous cell carcinomas and other malignancies of the oral cavity
  • Become familiar with the new changing clinical features of early oral cancer and dysplasia
  • Be aware of the various signs of malignancy and aggressive lesions in soft tissue lesions.
  • Identify incidental findings on radiographs.
  • Recognize the differences in radiographic features between benign and aggressive lesions.
  • Consider the best imaging modalities for differentiating these lesions.
  • Adopt techniques to systematically create a radiographic differential diagnosis.


Anita Gohel



Anita Gohel BDS, PhD

Department Chair, Oral & Maxillofacial Diagnostic Sciences

Indraneel Bhattacharyya



Indraneel Bhattacharyya DDS, MSD

Professor & Division Director, Oral And Maxillofacial Pathology

Mohammed N Islam



Mohammed N Islam BDS DDS

Clinical Professor & Residency Program Director

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Registration Information

Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2025

Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Breakfast & Lunch Provided

Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00pm
Breakfast Provided

Tuition & CE

Dentist: $799
Team Member: $479

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Contact Hours: 12 CEU (Lecture)
AGD# 730

Location & Contact

Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs
1805 Hotel Plaza Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


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