Nitrous Oxide Psychosedation
Certification Course

This course is also approved for certification and training for dental auxiliaries in Florida; A dentist may use, or employ and authorize a dental hygienist to assist the dentist in initiating under supervision, as specified by Rule 64B5-14.003 (4) F.A.C.

(4) Nitrous-Oxide Inhalation Analgesia.

(a) A dentist may use, or employ and authorize a dental hygienist to assist the dentist in initiating under indirect supervision, as specified by Rule 64B5-16.006, F.A.C., nitrous-oxide inhalation analgesia on an outpatient basis for dental patients provided such dentist and dental hygienist have:
1. Completed no less than a two-day course of training as described in the American Dental Association’s “Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students (eff. 10/16), or its equivalent

(e) Dental assistants may monitor nitrous-oxide inhalation analgesia under the indirect supervision of a dentist if the dental assistant has complied with the training requirements in paragraph 64B5-14.003(4)(b), F.A.C., and has completed, at a minimum, a two-day course of training as described in the American Dental Association’s “Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students” or its equivalent. After the dentist or dental hygienist has induced a patient and established the maintenance level, the assistant may monitor the administration of the nitrous-oxide oxygen making only diminishing adjustments during this administration and turning it off at the completion of the dental procedure.


Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation properly administered to the conscious child or adult provides an important adjunctive aid to the management of the apprehensive patient. This course is designed to prepare the general dentist and auxiliary to use nitrous oxide psychosedation confidently in the office environment. The didactic and clinical instruction will give the participant a step-by-step procedural approach for the control of anxiety in the conscious patient. The structure of the program will follow the guidelines for an approved office inhalation analgesia course as required by both Florida and Georgia Boards of Dentistry. To meet American Dental Association guidelines, twelve hours of this course will consist of a review of the instructional material, in a home-study format. A pre- and post-test will be given for certification.


At the completion of this course the participant should:

  • Know the history and characteristics of Nitrous Oxide Sedation
  • Know the basic respiratory physiology, including the uptake and distribution of gases
  • Know the states of anesthesia and phases of State I Anesthesia
  • Know the pharmacology, and physiology of Nitrous Oxide
  • Know the indications, contraindications, and complications of inhalation analgesia
  • Know the characteristics of the Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen delivery system
  • Know a clinical protocol for the use of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation

*Due to concern for your health and welfare, pregnant women cannot participate in the clinical portion of this course, and therefore may not receive certification.

Prerequisites – Due the Monday prior to the course.

Since we want each of you to feel completely confident and competent administering/monitoring N2O at the conclusion of the course, you will have the opportunity to practice both as an operator and a patient. Therefore, we need you to complete the following UF College of Dentistry patient paperwork prior to the start of the course.

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