Orthodontic Dentistry Mini-Residency

Course Description

The curriculum is tailored to the desires of the dentist/orthodontist with experiences in clinical orthodontics, orthodontic case analysis, clinical or basic research and didactic orthodontic courses. This course is designed to give the individual an experience in clinical orthodontics that will better equip them to treat their patients. The dentist/orthodontist can observe in the faculty’s intramural practice or the graduate clinic. In addition, they may attend departmentally offered courses and clinical case conferences that the orthodontic residents take.

No direct patient care is included in this experience.

Course Objectives

The mini-residency is designed to allow the dentist/orthodontist the opportunity to focus their study on a special interest area within their discipline.


A certificate is awarded upon completion of this course and specifies the type, the number of hours, and the length of training.


  • Calogero Dolce, D.D.S., Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Orthodontic Dentistry; Program Director, Orthodontic Dental Residency (Faculty Website)


Payment and Scheduling – Customer Service Specialist (352-273-8480) ce@dental.ufl.edu


UF College of Dentistry
1395 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610
Room D7:35

888-550-4590 (toll-free)

University of Florida

Continuing Education Units

80 contact hours. Participation

AGD#: 370


10 days are required to complete the requirements. Scheduled dates of attendance are flexible but course must be completed within 6 months of starting date.


Will vary based on the individual interests of the participant.

Registration Fee

$4,499 payable in advance to the University of Florida through the University of Florida College of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education Office, PO Box 100417, Gainesville PL 32610-0417 Telephone: 352-273-8480, FAX: 352-294-5594.

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