Orthodontics for the General Dentist or Pediatric Dentist


This comprehensive course provided by orthodontists on staff at the University of Florida is designed to enhance the practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of facial growth and development, to facilitate the skills needed to identify malocclusions, and to develop a working understanding of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the practitioner will be taught to recognize and treat occlusal and skeletal problems indicating interceptive, limited, and comprehensive orthodontic treatment, as well as recognize more complex and severe occlusal and skeletal problems which should be referred to an orthodontic specialist. Clinical skill involving both fixed orthodontic treatment (braces) and Invisalign techniques will be reviewed. Workshops include hands-on experience bonding brackets, changing archwires and placing finishing bends. Workshops at which the participants will gain hands-on experience bonding brackets, analyzing lateral cephalographs, and placing finishing bends will also be provided.

Additionally, throughout the lecture series, business management of orthodontic treatment within a pedodontic or general dentist office will be discussed.


This comprehensive course will help a practitioner who is not an orthodontic specialist to:

  • Gain clinical and didactic knowledge of orthodontics
  • Properly diagnose orthodontic dental malocclusions and skeletal discrepancies
  • Recognize potential complications and the need to refer to a orthodontic specialist when appropriate
  • Develop a competent treatment plan
  • Implement biomechanical methods to treat orthodontic cases.


Fundamentals of Orthodontics

1. Bracket Placement
2. Overview of Archwires
3. Andrews Six Keys to Occlusion
4. Overview of Biomechanics
5. Orthodontic Records and Diagnosis
6. Cephalometrics

Clinical Orthodontics

1. Treatment Planning and Sequencing
2. Indications for Interceptive Orthodontics
3. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Level and Aligning
4. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Sagittal Mechanics
5. Stages of Orthodontic Treatment – Finishing and Retention
6. Anchorage Control
7. Class II Treatment
8. Class III Treatment

Special Techniques & Topics

1. Invisalign Treatment
2. Orthodontics as an Adjunct to Restorative Dentistry
3. Brief Overview of Orthognathic Surgery
4. TMD and Facial Pain in relation to Orthodontics


  • Bracket Placement – learn to properly position brackets on models
  • Wires – experience changing numerous types of archwires with different bracket types and learn to place various bends
  • Cephalometrics – trace lateral cephalographs using modern orthodontic software and learn how to analyze the results
  • Wires – Experience different types of archwires and learn to place various bends


Calogero Dolce



Calogero Dolce DDS, PhD

Professor & Chair Of Orthodontics

John K Neubert



John K Neubert D.D.S.


Divakar Karanth



Divakar Karanth BDS, MDS, MS, MOrth RCS

Clinical Associate Professor, College of Dentistry

Sarah H Abu Arqub



Sarah H Abu Arqub BDS, M.Sc., M.Dent.Sc.

Clinical Assistant Professor

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