Advanced Ultrasonic Instrumentation in Periodontal Management
Leave traditional root planning behind and move into a new era of periodontal care.

Course Description:

Micro-thin ultrasonic instrumentation decreases fatigue and enhances efficiency with new topical anesthetics and techniques to manage difficult access, including the pesky furcation! Incorporating power driven instrumentation into the periodontal component of the practice provides a time effective adjunct to definitive root planning and the biofilm removal process of the periodic supportive maintenance.

Enhance your armamentarium in treating today’s initial and recare periodontal patient where surgical therapy may not be feasible. By incorporating a combination of both ultrasonic instrumentation in tandem with air glycine technologies, the participant is taken to new heights in providing a synergistic level of care.

Learning Objectives:

  • At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Determine which device will work best for you to achieve effective results
  • Explore techniques to remove biofilm and calculus in the least accessible areas, such as furcas, and how to enhance patient comfort with thin tip technology
  • Learn power driven instrumentation and how to incorporate it into the periodontal component of the practice
  • Understand how to provide local anesthesia without mandibular blocks and painful palatal injections
  • Provide ergonomic techniques to decrease physical fatigue and enhance time efficiency


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