Preparing to Sell to a DSO

Course Description

DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) are paying top dollar for practices that meet specific criteria. With the markets for DSO-affiliated practices continuously expanding into the near future, demand is growing for dental practices that possess the desired characteristics for people, processes and profits. Traditional dental practice buyers can discount the value of a dental practice for sale down to 40% less than market value, while DSO’s can (and will) pay up to 100% of market value for certain dental practices. Therefore, a selling dentist can position themselves for maximum sale price of their practice by ensuring they possess the needed components of a DSO-desired practice. This course will provide the information and strategies for dentists to prepare their practice for sale to a DSO.

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is for dentists to be best positioned to sell their dental practice to a DSO. At this end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components of a dental practice that are most valued by DSO’s
  • Evaluate practice financial information to assess practice profitability
  • Assemble the professional team for practice sale
  • Develop a timeframe from preparation to affiliation
  • Implement strategies for continued growth of the practice
  • Review the steps for implementing and managing change
  • Align the practice goals with the DSO’s goals for affiliation
  • Understand the culture and personality of a DSO
  • Illuminate the process of transitioning careers from dentist owner to affiliated dentist
  • Highlight the strategies for success post-affiliation


Annelise Driscoll
Annelise Ydstebo Driscoll, MBA, PhD
  • Dr. Driscoll is an accomplished Educator, Administrator, Researcher, Published Author and Consultant with approximately 30+ years’ experience in Health Care. She brings with her an extensive background in oral health and dentistry.
  • Dr. Driscoll has been in the Healthcare Administrative field for 25 years in private, public and corporate practices of different sizes, before transitioning to 10 years of academic teaching, research, public speaking, published author and peer-reviewed journal editor, and consultative project development in a health executive capacity.
  • She completed her Executive MBA from the University of Central Florida, College of Business and her PhD in Public Affairs/Healthcare Administration at UCF’s College of Health and Public Affairs.
  • Having spent the majority of her career integrally involved in the business side of dentistry, Dr. Driscoll has a strong passion for providing comprehensive, contemporary, and applicable education to assist dentists in protecting their dental practices and assets.
  • Dr. Driscoll is a full time faculty member in the Restorative Dental Sciences Department and the founding Director/Instructor of the Executive Practice Management™ Program for Dentists at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry.
  • In addition to teaching DMD students, Residents, and developing the Executive Practice Management™ curriculum at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Dr. Driscoll taught at the University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs in the Health Professions/Health Informatics Management Department.
  • She has worked collaboratively as an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Research at the University of South Florida, College of Public Health, Community and Family Health Department, in the area of HPV-related oral cancer and oral systemic correlations.
  • She has also built both the FSU Dental Center (Consultative Project) & the UCF Dental Center (Consultative Project then Founding Director of Dental Services).
  • Practice Management Systems, Dr. Driscoll’s personalized consulting firm, specializes in large-scale dental facility design, build out and operational projects, one-on-one consulting for dentists on Practice Legal Compliance, Operating Systems Development, and Dental Financial Systems Overhaul for Profit Maximization.
  • She has approximately 800 copyrighted works/systems on file with the US Library of Congress’ Copyright Office.

Financial Disclosure

  • “I declare that neither I nor any member of my family has a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing dental education program greater than $999, nor do I have a financial interest greater than $1,000 in any commercial product(s) I will discuss in the presentation.”

Continuing Education Units

6 CEUs (Lecture)
AGD# 550


University of Florida
1395 Center Dr
Gainesville, FL 32610


  • Dentist Fee: $299 (Early Bird) / $349 (Regular Fee)
  • Auxiliary Fee (must attend with their DN): $149 (Early Bird) / $199 (Regular Fee)
  • Friday: 9:00AM – 4:00PM (Check-in 8:30AM)
  • Networking Lunch included


  • Date: TBA
  • Location: Gainesville, FL
  • Course #: 210215
  • AGD: 550

Cancellation Policy effective January 1, 2019.