Radiology for Dental Auxiliary: Certification Course

This course is approved for Certification for Dental Radiographers per Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 64B5-9.011.

panoramic xray

Prerequisite / Limit

At least three months of continuous on-the-job training through assisting in the positioning and exposing of dental radiographic film  under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist and be at least 18 years of age, (Chapter 64B5-9.011). Signed acknowledgement of meeting these prerequisites is required. Participants may be dismissed from course if found lacking appropriate dental experience.

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Register Early – Limit is 28 participants, and course fills quickly.

Radiology Requirements

Radiography certification is obtained through the Department of Health by submitting documentation of successful completion of a Board approved certification course; after completing three months of on-the-job training through assisting in the positioning and exposing of dental radiographic film under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist. Department of Health application and fee is required, in addition to the CDE course.

Course Description

One of the few courses taught by full-time dental radiologists, this course is specifically designed to make a complex subject much easier to comprehend. Safety factors for protecting the operator and patient will be stressed.

To complete the course, you must review/complete the course manual and attend a one-day Saturday hands-on clinical workshop (included in course fee) at the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry. Registration links for your choice of workshop dates are located at the bottom of this page.

The mandatory workshop provides individualized hands-on clinical experience with mannequins to test proficiency in taking x-rays and knowledge of Radiation Safety. See Workshop Dates below.

Course Overview

This course is a review for dental auxiliaries to reacquaint them with the necessary background material and fundamental principles needed for certification in radiology safety as currently required by Florida law.  Participants will learn the intra-oral and extra-oral imaging including panoramic and CBCT techniques.

Course Objectives

  • Characteristics and qualities of the X-ray tube and the beam
  • Radiation biology and protection
  • Infection Control protocols
  • Selection of the radiographic techniques
  • Film and sensor placement (Paralleling and bisecting the angle technique)
  • Film processing, mounting and duplication
  • Characteristics and evaluation of dental radiographs
  • Quality assurance and recognizing and correcting errors for both film and digital images
  • Extra-oral imaging including panoramic imaging techniques. Recognition and correction of positioning errors in panoramic images
  • CBCT Imaging techniques


  • Anita Gohel, BDS, PhD (Faculty Website)
    • “I declare that neither I nor any member of my family has a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing dental education program greater than $999, nor do I have a financial interest greater than $1,000 in any commercial product(s) I will discuss in the presentation.”

Continuing Education Units

16 contact hours. (Participation)

Hands-on CourseHands-On Workshop


Course Limit

28 Participants

Course Materials

Radiology Forms


Professional Career Path for Dental Assistants – your complete Dental Assistant Continuum


Team Discount available Team Discount Available
  • Early Bird Fee: $399 (Expires one month prior to course start date)
  • Regular Fee: $449
  • Saturday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Networking Lunch included



Live Session Dates Location Course #
October 9, 2021 Gainesville, FL 220096.04
January 8, 2022 Gainesville, FL 220096.02
May 21, 2022 Gainesville, FL 220096.03

Cancellation policy effective January 1, 2019

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