User-Friendly Crown Lengthening Procedures (from Blades to Lasers) for Excellent Restorative Dentistry

Challenged by subgingival margin placement?
Want to manipulate gingival tissue with ease?
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Course Description

Subgingival margin placement can be a challenge for the restorative dentist, including patient satisfaction with esthetic appearance. We overcome the limitations by providing the confidence to provide an array of straightforward surgical procedures with patient comfort and acceptance as a priority. In this hands-on workshop, experience manipulation of gingival and boney margins to obtain satisfying restorative results with defining end points and providing essential biologic width. We incorporate all techniques from traditional flaps to today’s micro invasive dental lasers. Billing and coding is reviewed to ensure effective reimbursement with case acceptance.


  • Learn how to do minimally invasive extraction  
  • Know healing sequence after extraction. 
  • Appropriate soft tissue management before/simultaneous/after implant placement. 
  • Understand how to do crestal sinus lift. 
  • Collect data to determine case selection and choose appropriate surgical techniques
  • Define anatomical limitations of surgical restorative access
  • Determine case selection and choose surgical flap/laser techniques to achieve restorative access including flap manipulation, closed laser and suturing methodologies
  • Investigate laser utilization including wavelengths and respective techniques
  • Review indications for mucogingival augmentation including attached gingivae and ridge anatomy
  • Develop post-operative evaluation protocols assessing wound healing and complications


Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, MEd. Faculty Website

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