1st Annual UF Dental Assistant and Clinical Personnel Symposium

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Fundamentals of Dental Radiology- Best Practices for Digital Intraoral and Panoramic Imaging:

Dr. Anita Gohel

Intraoral periapical and bitewings along with panoramic radiographs are the most common imaging modalities in a dental practice. Participants will learn radiation risks and safety, steps to obtain the ideal digital intra-oral and panoramic images. Using a case-based interactive approach, placement and exposure errors will be discussed.

At the completion of the course participants will be able to:
Learn risk and safety protocols associated with dental imaging
Learn effective sensor placement and patient management.
Understand ideal panoramic radiograph patient positioning.
Self-assess radiographic errors and steps to correct them.

9:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Dental Photography and Shade Selection: How to help our DMD students

Dr. Alex Delgado

The course will train dental assistants to understand our DMD Digital Cameras and work together with dental students to be more productive, predictive, and efficient in clinics. The course is interactive. Most esthetic cases’ acceptance depends on the planning of the case, and shade selection plays an essential role in the outcome of the case. Dental assistants will efficiently make these procedures to help your practice grow in esthetic cases.

Learn how to use the digital camera
Understand color in Dentistry
Determine the best way to select shades
Clinical pearls for the team will be presented.

12:45 PM – 2:15 PM

Digital Dentistry for Dental Assistants

Dr. Panos Zoidis

In this course the principles of Digital Dentistry will be taught to dental assistants. A comparison with existing analogue techniques and the advantages of the intraoral digital scanning will be analyzed and a practice in crown design.

Identify different digital systems and intraoral scanners
Familiarize with indications of use, pros and cons of each system
Learn how to perform intraoral scanning
Practice in crown designing
Learn principles of milling and crown staining and glazing.

2:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Digital Dentistry Hands-On

Dr. Panos Zoidis, Dr. Alex J. Delgado, Dr. W. Steven Howard

The course is an interactive, hands-on workshop that will review the essentials of obtaining an excellent scanning and optimize chairside.

Practice crown designing
Learn how to perform intraoral scanning


Anita Gohel



Anita Gohel

Director And Clinical Professor

Alex J Delgado



Alex J Delgado DDS, MS

Director Of Continuing Dental Education & Associate Professor

Panagiotis Zoidis



Panagiotis Zoidis DDS, MS, PhD

Associate Dean Of Clinical Affairs And Quality & Clinical Associate Professor

Registration Information

August 22, 2022


Networking Lunch Included

Course# 230291


Contact Hours:
7.5 CEU (Participation)

Cancellation Policy effective January 1, 2019.