Advanced Education Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information out about an internship, clerkship, or fellowship?– Feel free to head to our Advanced Education Page. Navigate to clerkships, fellowships or internships, then click on the type of program you are interested in. Once on a page for one of the program types, you can select the area that you are interested in (Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, for example). You can also search for a program using the search bar on the top right hand corner of your screen.

How long does the application/selection process last?

You’ll typically hear back some time after the deadline passes to submit the application. Response time depends on any number of factors such as the number of applicants, holidays, faculty schedules, etc.

What the best method for me to pay for the program? You will be sent a payment link after you are accepted into a program. The dates for when the payments will be due can be found in your acceptancy letter. You can pay with check or card.

What are the language requirements if I’m a foreign dentist?– You need a TOEFL score of 550 on the paper exam, and 80 for the online portion. Only TOEFL is accepted, so you will need to take that test even if you are certified through another test. TOEFL ITP is not accepted.

I have a specific question about what is offered in an internship that isn’t shown on the webpage– Contact the Department that is managing the program, this can be found on the webpage for each internship. For example, for the 1-year Endodontics Internship, you would contact the Endodontics Department if you had a specific question. If you have a question about the application process itself, contact the School of Advanced Dental Sciences.

Do we offer courses in Implantology?– We have programs from the Center of Implant Dentistry, and a program in Periodontology/Implant Dentistry.

Do we offer an internship in soft tissue grafting ?- Not at the moment. In the future, we will offer a Continuing Education course for soft tissue grafting, but not an internship.

What are the Financial Requirements for attending a program?– Beyond the tuition and supplies, applicants for Fellowships and Internships must submit proof that have sufficient funds to support the cost of living in the U.S, which is $1500 a month for a student, $1000 for a spouse and $500 per child.

I took an internship here at some point in the past and need my transcript– Reach out to us via email at

Can I set my own dates for the programs? Not for internships or fellowships. For clerkships you can, since they are custom scheduled.

How long is each program ?– We have one year option for our internships. Clerkships range from two days to a week. Fellowships last for a year.

When is the deadline for applications?– For one year programs, the deadline will be January 31st of that year. There is no deadline for clerkships.

Can I split my internship up to study multiple fields at the same time?– No, since the internship is arranged and managed by each department.

I sent in my application and am still waiting to hear back– Contact the School of Advanced Dental Sciences if you would like an update.

What is the difference between a fellowship, clerkship and internship ?– Clerkship are custom scheduled, lasting between two days to a week, with no direct patient care. These are intended for dentists with general degrees. Internships last 1 year, with limited patient care, and are designed for general dentists at the beginning of their specialty training. Fellowships are more intensive, requiring that the applicant already has some specialty training, last one year, and include limited patient care.

Will the Continuing Dental Education Department help you obtain a visa ?– No, you’ll need to arrange this on your own.

Do I have to already work in the field or have specialized education in the area I’m going to take my internship in ?– No, internships are available for anyone with a dental degree, regardless of specialty. Fellowships will require that you have specialty training in the area you are going to be studying, however.

If I’m a foreign dentist, will any of these programs grant me a license to practice dentistry in Florida?- No, you will need a dental degree from an ADA-accredited dental school in order to be eligible to take the Florida Dental License examination.

Do you offer any of these programs online?– No, all three of these programs are to be completed in person. If you are interested in taking some Continuing Education courses (which are not related to these programs) online, you can visit our ACDE Webinar Series.