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Continuing Dental Education

Botulinum Toxin Level I: The HOW and WHY to Incorporate it into your Dental Practice

This one-day course (8 Contact hours) will provide an introduction to Botulinum Toxin Type A, focusing on both the cosmetic and therapeutic uses to provide comprehensive patient care and “Total Facial Aesthetics” in your dental practice. Detailed information will be provided concerning the safety and risk concerns when using Botulinum Toxin, along with the management and treatment of complications, dilution protocols, sterile injection techniques and proper placement for desired outcomes. The potential for practice growth and profitability will be explored, as well as implementation with staff training and incorporation into treatment plans.

December 9, 2023
Gainesville, FL


Continuing Dental education

Dentistry Update 2024: The Best of Everything

A fast-paced course designed for the general practitioner encompassing all areas of dentistry. Come learn real-world tips from Dr. Michael R. Dorociak, a practicing clinician who focuses on the best materials, devices, and techniques in dentistry. As a project director and board chair of the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report, Dr. Dorociak presents the latest research and cutting-edge information in a practical, entertaining, and highly useful format.

January 27, 2024
Seminole, FL (St. Pete)

Dental MAterial

Continuing Dental Education (Digital Work Flow)

Full-Arch CBCT Guided Surgery and Immediate Restoration – Smile in a Box

This two-day course will focus on the technology utilized to plan and order (“smile in a box”) CBCT-guided templates and provisional restorations for the treatment of the full-arch patient. Participants will be given presentations that demonstrate the step-wise patient evaluation and planning process, followed by hands-on sessions executing the principles taught. Participants will also experience the use of the co-DiagnostiX software to import a DICOM file and merge it with a dual-scan prosthesis. In addition, techniques to segment, plan implant placement, and abutment selection will be covered.

February 3-4, 2024
Gainesville, FL

Strauman SIB

NEW LOCATION for 2024! Jacksonville, FL

21st Annual Oral Pathology and Radiology Symposium

This seminar will present a potpourri of interesting case studies in oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology covering a variety of conditions encountered in general and specialty dental practices. The presenters will utilize an interactive audience participation platform. In addition, the lecture will be customized by the audience’s responses and questions to facilitate learning better.

The presentation will include clinical pictures, 2-D and 3-D illustrated case presentations, discussions, and interactive radiographic interpretations. The diverse nature of radiopaque and radiolucent lesions, normal structures, and unusual presentations of common radiographic pathology will be extensively discussed.

February 3-4, 2004
Jacksonville, FL

Oral Path

Continuing Dental Education

Restorative Clinical Pearls Review

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of innovations and essential techniques for success in restorative dentistry. A significant amount of material will be presented focusing on the “pearls” we all strive to glean from clinically based presentations. In addition, the course will include an update on dental materials, clinical techniques, and digital dentistry in restorative dentistry.

February 23, 2024
Gainesville, FL


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FLAGD MasterTrack Course

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This two-year postgraduate course in comprehensive dentistry offers something for everyone and meets the requirements for AGD Mastership.

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Director of Continuing Dental Education

Dr. Alex J. Delgado

Delgado, a clinical associate professor in the UF College of Dentistry's Department of Restorative Dental Sciences, was appointed the Director of Continuing Dental Education in May 2021.

Delgado has been with the UF College of Dentistry since 2014. He served as Division Director of Operative Dentistry for five years.

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