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Continuing Dental Education

20th Annual Oral Pathology and Radiology Symposium

This seminar will present a potpourri of interesting case studies in oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology covering a variety of conditions encountered in general and specialty dental practices.

February 3-4, 2023
Orlando, FL

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Continuing Dental Education

Advanced Ultrasonic Instrumentation in Periodontal Management

Enhance your armamentarium in treating today’s initial and recare periodontal patient where surgical therapy may not be feasible. By incorporating a combination of both ultrasonic instrumentation in tandem with air glycine technologies, the participant is taken to new heights in providing a synergistic level of care.

March 24, 2023
Gainesville, FL


Soft-Tissue Grafting Options for the Single or Adjacent Missing Tooth Site

This 1.5-day course offers a great opportunity for gaining exposure to varying soft tissue grafting options and is ideal for clinicians that already place dental implants or clinicians that want to understand more about the topic for better patient and team communication. The hands-on component (plastic model) will offer the participants the opportunity to practice incision design, flap management and suturing materials and technique.

April 14-15, 2023
Gainesville, FL

Continuing Dental Education

Dr. Henry A. Gremillion Memorial Symposium

This course will focus primarily on the TMD aspects of orofacial pain. TMD etiologic considerations will be discussed along with TMJ function and dysfunction so participants will be able to understand the importance of developing sound orthopedic stability in the masticatory system. Management techniques for both masticatory muscle pain disorders and intracapsular TMJ disorders will be presented.

April 21, 2023
Gainesville, FL


continuing dental education

Radiographic Navigation in the Diagnosis of Lesions within the Jaws : Diagnosis of 2D and 3D images

A plethora of conditions are seen within the maxillofacial complex including developmental, inflammatory, neoplastic, and metabolic conditions. A case-based approach will be used to methodically review radiographic findings. The presentation will include 2-D and 3-D illustrated case presentations, discussions, and interactive radiographic interpretation.

July 28, 2023
Gainesville, FL


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COVID-19 Information

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UF Continuing Dental Education has instituted social distancing and COVID-19 prevention protocols for in-person courses.

FLAGD MasterTrack Course

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This two-year postgraduate course in comprehensive dentistry offers something for everyone and meets the requirements for AGD Mastership.

meet our director

Director of Continuing Dental Education

Dr. Alex J. Delgado

Delgado, a clinical associate professor in the UF College of Dentistry's Department of Restorative Dental Sciences, was appointed the Director of Continuing Dental Education in May 2021.

Delgado has been with the UF College of Dentistry since 2014. He served as Division Director of Operative Dentistry for five years.

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